Xiaomi MI Outdoor Security Camera AW300

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Outdoor Camera AW300
2K Full-HD | Smart Full-Color Night Vision | Focus Zone Setting | IP66 Weather-resistant

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2K ultra-clear image quality — Protect your home and business 24/7

The 3MP ultra-clear imaging sensor and pro-grade optical lens provide 24h day and night surveillance and high-resolution recording of detected movements. Featuring WDR Technology that can handle complex outdoor environments.

Full-color night vision, clear images even at the darkest night.

Equipped with 2 built-in high-power white lights and 2 infrared lights, the camera can record full-color images even at the darkest night. The high-power white lights will be automatically turned on when human movements are detected for full-color image recording.

Focus zone for smarter detection

Set focus zone to your preference in Xiaomi Home app, and get alarm notifications when suspicious movements are detected within the focus zone, while filter out unnecessary notifications caused by movements outside of the focus zone.

Audible and visual warning

Keep potential threats away

When an intruder is detected entering the focus zone, the camera will automatically trigger an audible alarm with high-frequency flashing lights, driving away potential intruders.

Real-time voice intercom

As if you were having a face-to-face conversation

High quality voice intercom with the built-in high-power speaker and high-fidelity microphone. Clear voice pickup from up to 7 meters. Audio and video are recorded for playback.

Support for multi-camera monitoring

Split-screen viewing for multiple live images

You can view live footage from multiple cameras at the same time on devices including your TV, tablet and mobile phone through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. Supports simultaneous viewing of up to 4 cameras.

Smart interaction with other smart devices

When products such as smart locks, window and door sensors detect an abnormality, the camera can record video footage, send notifications and trigger an audible and visual alarm.

IP66 rating dust and water resistance

Stable operation in the wind, rain and heat conditions

Stable operation all year round under different weather conditions with IP66 dust and water resistance. Special circuit design for the imaging sensor to reduce the heat under high temperature. Stable continuous operation at up to 60°C*.

Easy installation

Flexible viewing angle

Screws in the camera’s base to stabilize. The camera can be rotated to different angles to suit your surveillance needs.

External Wi-Fi antenna for stable network connection.

Longer transmission distance, good penetration, enhanced anti-interference capability.

Fully encrypted video transmission

The Mi Home Security Chip + the AES-128 encryption algorithm act as a defensive shield to guarantee security and privacy.

Flexible storage methods

Cloud storage for event recordings

Abnormal event cloud storage

Micro SD storage card (up to 256GB supported)

Video recordings can be stored in a variety of ways, so you don’t have to worry about losing critical video information in case you lose your device. The Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app provides your devices with a cloud storage service in case of abnormal events.


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