Product Description of Wahl Home Pro 300

Wahl Home Pro 300 is the number one choice for those who want perfect results with minimum effort. Easily adjust its cutting length by adjusting its built-in taper lever to create amazing short style haircuts or a long hair looks with tousled edges one like a pro!


This clipper’s 46mm cutting width guarantees easy grooming, while its professional, self-sharpening high carbon steel blades and its cutting length of 0.9- 3mm, thanks to its taper control system, promise detailed and accurate styling. Use the 8 quide-combs provided to achieve highly customized results.


This clipper sports a specially designed electromagnetic motor which guarantees extreme cutting speeds. Turn it on, and feel its power!


These professional, precision ground blades are made of high carbon steel to enhance accuracy and durability. Their self-sharpening design ensures that the blades remain sharp for as long as possible, while offering superior cutting performance to avoid skin irritation. The finer the teeth-the finer the quality.


Its built-in taper lever allows for full control of the blade’s cutting length. This way, micro-adjustments are made possible, and creating your desired hair and beard look easily and accurately is easier than ever.


No need to worry about charging this WAHL masterpiece. Its corded design allows for power to run through it steadily, thus guaranteeing that the clipper won’t jam, even when grooming tough hair strands. The 2.4m long cord ensures great flexibility during use as well.


The box includes: 8 interchangeable combs (3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, and 25mm), 2 combs, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade cover, plastic storage/transport case.


In order to ensure your device’s lifetime, it is essential to clean and oil its blades before each use. Place 5 drops of our specially designed WAHL blade oil on the blades and turn on the device on for 5 seconds. Use the brush provided to remove any hair when you’re done cutting your hair.

Additional information

Weight 1.77 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 19.2 × 8.1 cm

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