Vtech Shake and Sounds Caterpillar

LKR 4,950.00

Shake, shake, shake this adorable little caterpillar rattle by VTech!

The easy-to-grasp handle makes it simple for your little one to grip and shake the rattle.

With a built-in motion sensor, the caterpillar will say fun phrases and play delightful sing-along songs, melodies and sounds.

Shaking the caterpillar rattle will also make the colourful beads inside bounce around, capturing little one’s attention.

The caterpillar features a light up heart button that also plays fun phrases, songs, melodies and sounds.

Caterpillar’s legs are made of a soft fabric with many bright colours and exciting patterns for visual stimulation.

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Caterpillar rattle with easy-to-grip handle and colourful beads. Shake the rattle or press the light up heart button for fun phrases, songs, melodies and sounds.