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TEKKEN 8 continues the tragic saga of the Mishima bloodline and its world-shaking father-and-son grudge matches. This latest saga begins with Jin Kazama facing off against Kazuya Mishima in a city-shattering face-to-face showdown. After defeating his father, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya continues his conquest for global domination, using the forces of G Corporation to wage war on the world. Jin is forced to face his fate head on as he is reunited with his long lost mother, and seeks to stop his father Kazuya’s reign of terror. Absent for over 25 years, Jun Kazama re-joins TEKKEN 8 as a playable character.

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Tekken 8 brings the fight to the latest generation of consoles, powered by Unreal Engine 5

Feel the power of every hit in Tekken 8, the latest entry in the legendary fighting game franchise from Bandai Namco.

Utilising the power and realism of Unreal Engine 5, Tekken 8 pushes the envelope for fighting games by taking full advantage of the power of the latest generation of consoles.

Groundbreaking new features, breathtakingly detailed character models and dramatic environments make this one of the most visually stunning and immersive titles in the genre yet.

Tekken 8 picks up after the gruesome battle that ended in Heihachi Mishima’s defeat in Tekken 7, focusing on a new rivalry, pitting father against son as Jin Kazama stands in defiance against Kazuya Mishima in a city-shattering face-to-face showdown.

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