Panasonic Men's Shaver ES-SL41

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Panasonic Men’s Shaver ES-SL41 electric shaver offer the perfect alternative to the disposable razor. The ES-SL41 offers a stylish ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip for ultimate speed, comfort and ease of use.

About this item

3-Blade Cutting System

 The 3-Blade cutting system has 2 distinct foil patterns which work in combination to capture and cut even the most difficult parts of your beard

Multi-Fit Arc Blades

The Multi-Fit Arc Blades mean the shaver’s head is constantly in-touch with your skin, including tricky areas like under the chin

Wet and Dry and Easy Cleaning

The shaver is suitable for both wet and dry use and can also be used with shaving gel or foam. The shaver is 100 Percent waterproof, allowing easy hygienic maintenance as you can simply rinse the shaver under running water.

Pop-Up Trimmer

The Pop-up Trimmer is great for detailed grooming of moustache and sideburn edges. The blades assure fast, comfortable trimming


A convenient carrying holder for storage or travel use. You can also store the shaver upright or lying down in the charger stand depending on your preference

Key Features

  • The Panasonic Men’s Shaver ES-SL41 is 100% waterproof so can be used dry or ideally designed to use in the shower or like a traditional razor with any gel/foam for a more refreshing skin experience.
  • Panasonic has developed the sharpest durable blades by following the traditional Japanese swordsmith process of forging, quenching and polishing.
  • The outer foil features Panasonic’s patented curved foil that tracks the contours of your face and fits uniformly against the skin for a perfectly close shave.
  • Complete your grooming routine with the pop-up precision trimmer to tidy up beards, sideburns and any missed stubble.
  • A compact charging and storage stand offers tidy storage and continuous charging. A unique carrying cover protects the foil during mobile storage and travel

Additional information

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Dimensions 24.7 × 10 × 14.7 cm

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Panasonic Men's Shaver ES-SL41

LKR 24,950.00

In stock