Lego Ideas Medieval Blacksmith 21325

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Ages 18+

2164 pieces

Take a break from modern life and build this magnificent Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325) display model.

The architectural details of a 3-level building from the Middle Ages are lovingly recreated in LEGO style.

The roof and top 2 levels lift off for easy viewing of the fully furnished bedroom and kitchen, plus a workshop that is packed with items you’d have seen in a real medieval blacksmith’s smithy.

Other features include a glowing forge with a LEGO light brick, plus a garden with buildable models of an apple tree and a well.

Minifigures and moreThere are 4 minifigures to bring the scene to life: a blacksmith, archer and 2 Black Falcon Knights with 4 swords, 3 shields and a halberd, plus a posable horse figure with a buildable cart and dog and treefrog figures.

Stylish giftPart of a collection of inspiring LEGO sets designed to help adults relax in a creative way, this building kit makes a wonderful gift for yourself or the LEGO fan or hobbyist in your life.

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