Lego ICONS Orchids 10311

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Ages 18+

608 pieces

Enjoy a mindful building project and create a beautiful plant display for your home with this LEGO Orchid (10311) model building project for adults.

Take your time crafting all the details of the white and pink flowers and the vase.

Inspired by a real orchid, the model has 5 leaves at the base and 2 wandering air roots to create an authentic display.

Build the blue fluted vase and fill it with the brown LEGO elements to recreate the bark mix that a real orchid would grow in.

Customize your display

Pose your orchid in a variety of ways by rotating the stems, blooms, roots, and leaves of the model to achieve the perfect look.

Or personalize your display by rebuilding the stems to create new combinations of flower arrangements.

Building creativity, piece by piece

Discover the space to be mindful and the time to relax with buildable models designed specifically for adults from the LEGO Botanical Collection.

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