Lego Duplo Fire Truck 10969

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Ages 2+

21 pieces

Kids aged 2+ with a fascination for fire trucks will be captivated by LEGO DUPLO Rescue Fire Truck (10969).

Fire-truck, animal-rescue missions

A cat is stuck at the top of a tall tree! The fire truck races to the scene with lights flashing and siren sounding (batteries included).

Your little hero can push and turn the truck’s lever to raise the ladder and rotate the basket.

If the cat still won’t budge, there are some tasty treats that might tempt it down. And if that doesn’t work,

it’s time to pull out the water hose! With a cute animal to rescue and a friendly firefighter in a feature-packed truck, this hands-on playset will develop preschoolers’ social, emotional and fine motor skills as they role-play the real-life adventures of an everyday hero.

Playful learning for toddlers

Parents can share precious developmental moments as LEGO DUPLO toys put open-ended fun, self-expression and joyful exploration into young children’s hands.

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