LDNIO 3 AC Outlets Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip SCW3451

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LDNIO SCW3451 WIFI Smart Universal Power Strip 3 Outlets+1 PD+1QC 3.0 + 2 Auto-ID High Output Power Socket Switches Extension.

Key Features

30W high power. Charge fast for tablets and phones which support PD3.0 and QC3.0 fast charging protocol.

Intelligent linkage make ordinary appliances intelligent.

Use App to monitor the household appliances connected on smart plug.  So convenient for daily life while avoiding the hidden danger of electricity consumption.

Timing switch function let electrical appliance start or end working according to instructions.

On-time smart reminder help to avoid the long –term operation of the electrical appliance due to negligence and reduce the waste of resources.

With USB ports

2 AUTO-ID 1 PD 1QC3.0 ports, 30W fast charging directly, no need to buy charger.

Wi-Fi smart

Intelligent linkage make normal electrical device intelligent,such as smart door-lock, temperature and humidity sensor and so on.

Widely applicable

USB Port support most kinds of phones.(with PD/QC3.0/AUTO-ID output ).


High grade fire-proof PC material, child safety door, 10 multi-protection, safe to use.


Power                                                   2500W 10A 250V~

Input                                                     100-250V 50/60Hz 10A(Max)

PD Output                                           5V3A, 9V3A,12V2.5A,15V2A,20V1.5A 30W (Max)

QC Output                                          5V3A, 9V2A,12V1.5A 18W(Max)

Auto-ID Output                                  5V2.4A

Total Power                                        30W Max

Power cord                                         2M

Additional information

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 35 × 7 × 7 cm

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LDNIO 3 AC Outlets Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip SCW3451

LKR 9,950.00

In stock