1:64 LCD Models McLaren F1 (Black) LCD64025-BL

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Power, pace and peerless quality, the legendary F1 is a technological masterpiece. The fastest production car of its time. The finest sports car of its generation. For many, the greatest supercar ever built. LCD McLaren F1 Black Now Available!

Brilliance takes time. It took four years to meticulously plan, design and build the all-conquering F1. Beautifully engineered and exceptionally quick, the F1 broke numerous world records during the ‘90s, and it remains the fastest naturally aspirated road car ever built. Only 106 cars were made in a limited production run, making the F1 one of the most exclusive cars in the world today.

The F1’s chief designer, Gordon Murray, had been working on a one-plus-two seating configuration since 1969. Twenty years later, his innovative arrowhead concept came to fruition in the F1.


After analyzing existing supercar performance characteristics, the F1’s handpicked engineering team rethought every element of sports car design. Drawing on McLaren’s Formula 1™ expertise, and with an uncompromising approach to design, they stripped weight, reduced drag and increased downforce. Every millimeter of the F1 was deliberated to create the world’s most exhilarating car.


The naturally aspirated 6.1-litre, V12 BMW powerplant generated the highest power output for its size, and delivered over 620bhp. This much power creates a lot of heat. So the engine bay was lined with the best heat reflector available – pure gold.


Our no compromise approach to engineering design meant we spent over 3,000 hours making each carbon fiber chassis. The throttle pedal was handcrafted out of six separate pieces of titanium. The instrument panels are handmade, hand painted and each needle is individually machined. This level of precision extended to the driver too – as each cabin was customized to the owner.

To enhance performance, handling, braking and sheer driving feel, the F1 team knew they would have to minimize weight – everywhere. Its weight-saving wheels were made from magnesium alloy. The supporting sub-structure was made from titanium. Even the toolkit, made from titanium, was 50% lighter than a steel kit.

LCD McLaren F1 Black Now Available!

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1:64 LCD Models McLaren F1 (Black) LCD64025-BL

LKR 6,450.00

In stock